The 21st century has given us unprecedented opportunities for unbiased data analysis using video, electrical and optical recording tools for behavior and neuronal activities.

We reexamined a common behavioral test for determining depression-like activity in rodents and have encountered several subjective parameters that have never been addressed in previous studies (Chen L, Translational Psychiatry 2015). This prompted us to examine other historically subjective behavioral measures, such as the open field test where the borders of the open filed have never been objectively determined. Similarly, the analysis of brain oscillations is plagued by arbitrarily defined thresholds. We have established objective thresholds for detecting relevant oscillatory activities and spectral peaks in the mouse brains. Based on our findings we have devised objective data analysis methods to separate behavioral activities in mice into non-REM, REM and awake states. Our recent analyses show considerable differences between normal and Alzheimer’s disease mice that precede pathological alterations in the brains of Alzheimer’s mice.

Current projects at the Modylab involving Innovative Data Analysis

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